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Project Description
This is a text-based adventure game created by me, Stefan. I am very inexperienced so this is definitely not a great feat of C# programming.The story needs work and the code needs refactoring so check back later for a better product. In the mean time, have fun!

The game's premise is you are some explorer (or adventurer if you will) who sets out to explore the Caverns of Caldremot for riches and glory. As you journey through them, you realize that something is happening and you have to stop it. You slowly discover over the course of the game just where you are and why you're here. As it is, the game is probably riddled with bugs, balance issues and misspelins. So, download it, play it, tell me what's wrong with it, and, if you can, enjoy it.

Rules Note: you can press q to equip weapons and "don" to put on armor.

You need the .net framework 3.5 to run this!

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